What is flocking?

Flocking is a fundraiser that Project Graduation has done for many years. In fact, it is typically our biggest fundraiser! It’s simply a flock of flamingos that is placed in a yard. If the flock is in your yard, someone thought you’d like to participate in supporting Project Graduation. They may have told the committee anonymously, or they may have made themselves known (check the paper left under your mat or taped to your doorknob). To evict the flock, simply contact your flocking team (again, check the papers left for you) letting them know your donation is under your mat and they will quickly come pick them up!

Why are these birds in my yard?

If you came home to a flock of flamingos in your yard, congratulations! You now have the opportunity to support Grapevine Project Graduation! Most likely a friend gave us your name hoping you’d play along. You should have an envelope taped to your doorknob with all of the details of what to do to have them fly away – or continue reading…

How long will they stay?

The birds are typically in your yard for no more than 3 days. Please contact your aviation specialist (the number is on the flyer that was taped to your doorknob) to let them know you are ready for the birds to find a new home. The faster you let them know you are ready, the quicker they will migrate to a new home!

How can I have the birds removed?

Information about how to remove the birds should be on your front porch – under your mat, or taped to your doorknob. Contact your flocking team and let them know you are ready for the birds to be picked up. For $25 the flock will be removed and your job is done. For $50, the flock will be removed AND you can nominate a friend to receive the flock when it leaves your yard. For $75 you can have the flock leave, send the flock to a friend, AND purchase insurance ensuring you will not have the flock land in your yard again for the year.

**please remember, the birds are moved by volunteers and they work as quickly as possible**

Do I have to pay to have them removed?

This is a fundraiser, so we certainly hope you would chose to participate, but our volunteers will pick up the birds regardless. We hope you will enjoy having the flock and maybe even want to pick who gets the flock next!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Grapevine Project Graduation – Grapevine Graduation Celebration, Inc is a 501c3 organization and your donation is deductible according to US tax codes.

I’ve already been flocked, why are the birds back?

If you did not purchase insurance when the birds were first in your yard, these birds can return. For $25 you can have them removed! For $50, you can have them removed, and nominate a friend to receive the flock. I bet you wish you bought insurance! If you DID purchase insurance, we are all volunteers and have made a mistake. Please contact the number on the paper and let them know and they will pick up the birds ASAP.

I don’t have a senior? I don’t even have a student at Grapevine High School? Why did I get flocked?

Someone you know gave us your name thinking you would participate in our fun. Flocking is a fundraiser that directly benefits Project Graduation but also benefits the entire community and thus, the intent is for the entire community to provide support. Please play along knowing you are helping keep the community safe even if your child isn’t a senior or isn’t at Grapevine High School.

I’d like to be a flocker! (someone that volunteers to move the flocks)

Please use the signup genius to pick a time to be a flocker. For 2 weeks you will be in charge of your flock – you will deliver the flock and directions, reach out to the recipient if you haven’t heard from them in 24 hours, and make arrangements to pick up the donation & the flock and move it to the new location. Before moving the flock please reach out to Cam Rae Perry, flocking coordinator, to see if the new recipient has insurance. Expect to move the flock every 2-3 days – if the flock isn’t moving, we aren’t getting any donations! STUDENTS CAN GET VOLUNTEER HOURS FOR BEING A FLOCKER!

If you’re interested in volunteering or for more information, please contact grapevinehsprojectgraduation@gmail.com.