June 4 Event Night Info

The GHS Project Graduation Committee is happy to announce our FINAL plans for our event!  Thank you for your patience as we have had to switch gears pretty quickly to ensure a safe event for our grads! 

We know there are lots of concerns, strong feelings, and opinions on the situation we are all facing. Based on the current guidelines, we felt the best way to ensure a safe event was to relocate to an outdoor location. We are forever grateful to the Nelson/Hall families for generously offering their land for the event. Many of our kiddos have spent a lot of time at the pumpkin farm!

We know that each family will make the decision that is best for them. Because we are aware some students may not feel comfortable attending for a variety of reasons, we are no longer requiring students that signed a contract by the May 22nd deadline to be present to win prizes.  Students that have not signed a contract by the May 22nd deadline can still attend if they sign a contract & liability waiver by June 4, 2020 at noon. This will help us avoid a traffic jam at the check-in area and will be safer for attendees because it will help social distancing due to COVID-19. Anyone that signs a contract after May 22nd and attends the event will be eligible for all of the door prizes (prizes are defined as cash or door prizes).  Please remember, the purpose of GHS Project Graduation is to provide a safe, alcohol-free environment to celebrate the end of our graduate’s 4-year high school journey, not to provide graduates with cash or prizes. We are doing our best to fulfill our mission. If your student has a signed contract that was submitted by the extended deadline of May 22nd, but will not be attending, please be sure to read the section below about how they can claim their prize. 

We will live stream prize drawings on Instagram so anyone that is unable to attend can participate in that manner.  The agenda for the evening is available below.

Rules & guidelines have been evolving over the past few weeks. No decisions have been made hastily. We hope our students, families, and community will support our decisions knowing they were made with the best of intentions and a strong commitment to providing the highest level of safety and security for our graduates.


Here are the details of how the event will run:


  • Volunteers need to sign the Liability Waiver in order to help with the event.
  • We will need many volunteers to have a successful event.  Please consider signing up to help at this link.
  • Volunteers can bring their own chair, but folding chairs will be available.

Check-In 11:00 pm – 12:00 am:

  • Students will check-in at the tables leading up to the farm. 
  • Students will need to show their GHS student ID in order to check-in.  You can also sign in to your skyward account and show your skyward picture/identification
  • There will be 13 tables and students will check-in according to their last name.
  • Volunteers will check for the original signed contract, the signed Liability Waiver (please click to sign), and will check the student’s temperature using a touchless thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 or above will be asked to leave for the safety of everyone.
  • The Liability Waiver is a NEW FORM that MUST BE COMPLETED by noon on June 4 in order to attend the event.  If the student is under 18, both the student and the parent must sign.
  • Students will be given their own hand sanitizer and will be asked to use it prior to entering. Students are expected to keep the sanitizer with them (it can be clipped to clothing) so that they can use it frequently throughout the night.
  • Students will also be given their door prize tickets and food tickets at check-in.

Safety Measures and Other Details:

  • Every attendee and volunteer must sign a liability waiver (click link) in order to attend the event.  Please review it carefully.
  • The Prize Table will serve as the headquarters for the evening.
  • First aid will be available at the prize table.
  • Students MUST wear a mask while attending this event. 
  • Masks can obviously be removed to eat & drink.
  • Students are not allowed to bring in any bags, wristlets, purses, backpacks, etc.
  • If a student has an item that needs to be accessible during the evening, they can leave it at the prize table; students will not be allowed to go to their cars after they check-in.
  • Grapevine Police will be working at the event and will deal with any behavior problems or illegal items such as vapes/alcohol.
  • There are two handwashing stations (detailed on the map) where students can wash their hands with soap and water.  There are also 2 sanitizer stations and hand sanitizer will be readily available.
  • Chairs and tables will be available – students are asked to stay 6 feet apart while eating as their mask will be removed at that time.
  • There will be plenty of parking on-site, students will not be allowed to go to their cars after they check-in.
  • Volunteers will be around the perimeter of the site and at entertainment options with hand sanitizer/wipes to clean between each use.  Students are encouraged to use their hand sanitizer before and after touching any of the gaming items.
  • It is recommended to wear tennis shoes rather than sandals or flip flops. Please remember the ground is uneven.


  • Students will be given their door prize tickets upon arrival.  Each student receives 5 door prize tickets for signing the contract and waiver.  Some students will receive extra tickets based on volunteer incentives that were approved at the  10/17/2019 meeting or based on the contract incentives approved at the 12/9/2019 meeting.  Students should place their tickets in the bucket that corresponds to the prize they would like to win.  
  • Prizes are divided into two categories – “1-time win” and “multiple win.”  For prizes within the “1-time win” category, once a student wins one of these prizes, they are not eligible to win another prize from that category.  In the “multiple win” categories, students can win as many times as their name is drawn.
  • Unfortunately, Texas Toyota of Grapevine is unable to donate a car for our event. While we are saddened to hear this, we completely understand the situation many businesses are facing and appreciate the 10+ years they have faithfully donated a car to our group. They have let us know that they plan to support our group next year and are very sorry that they cannot contribute this year. 
  • While it’s not a car, we will be offering a brand new, street legal scooter!  More details will be posted on our website when they are available. 
  • Please remember to support the businesses that have supported us through out the years when you are able!  Sponsors can be found on our webpage.

For students that cannot attend the event:

  • Anyone who is not attending and already signed a contract please email projectgradcontracts@gmail.com by Friday, May 29, 2020. Those students will recieve an email with a list of prizes to choose from.
  • Please review the list of prize options and use this form to submit your choices by June 1st at 6 pm. The committee will put your tickets in the corresponding buckets. If we do not receive your prize preferences, we will randomly enter your tickets into prize buckets.
  • Watch on Instagram during the night to see if you are a winner! 
  • Prizes will be available for pick up on June 5th at MP Stadium from 10 am-12 pm.  If a student cannot make the pickup window, they need to email grapevinehsprojectgraduation@gmail.com to arrange an alternate date/time. 
  • All prizes must be picked up by Sunday June 7th by 6 pm or the prize will be forfeited
  • All students that signed a contract by May 22nd will have a prize.
  • Parents – our contract states we will call you if your student signed a contract but does not check-in at the event.  HOWEVER, if we receive their prize preferences, we will NOT call you since submitting their prize preferences indicates they will not be attending the event.


  • Inflatable Axe Throw
  • Inflatable Basketball
  • Inflatable Football Toss
  • Inflatable Skee Ball
  • Hypnotist Show
  • Corn Hole
  • Laser Tag
  • Game Truck
  • DJ


  • Entrée Choices (students will get to choose one entrée) – these options will be available 12:00 am – 2:00 am
    • Taco Truck: brisket street taco, bbq sandwich, cheese/brisket quesadilla or brisket nachos plus jalapeno poppers
    • Food Area (by the stage): Cheeseburger (veggie burger available) and chips
  • Dessert (students can have both of these)
    • Kettle corn  available all night)
    • Kona Ice  available from 1am – 3 am
  • Individual bags of chips/cookies/crackers etc. will be available all night
  • Water bottles and soda will be available all night

Check Out 4 am – 5 am – we are allowing an hour for checkout so that there is less of a chance the kids will gather at the exit:

  • Checkout will begin at 4 am.
  • Prizes will be given to the students as they leave.