May 28, 2021 Event Night Info

The GHS Project Graduation Committee is happy to announce our plans for our event!  We are excited that Project Graduation Event Night will be back at Main Event, Grapevine, May 28th (graduation night) 11pm to 5am.

We will continue to follow all Tarrant County COVID-19 guidelines and will make any adjustments as they change. Currently, we will be within guidelines of the capacity limits at Main Event. We know that each family will make the decision that is best for them. We will update as more information and details are determine.

Students must have the the Contract completed, signed and submitted by May 10, 2021 at 5:00 pm. Below there are incentives for getting your contract in early*.  

Click here to submit you Contract: Grapevine High School 2021 Project Graduation Student-Parent/Guardian Contrac

INCENTIVES for Completed contracts received by…

-February 15th, 2021 will be entered into a drawing for $100.00 CASH plus 5 extra door prize tickets (no extra tickets for Car Drawing-if applicable)

-February 28, 2021 will receive 3 extra door prize tickets (no extra tickets for Car Drawing-if applicable)

-March 31, 2021 will receive 2 extra door prize tickets (no extra tickets for Car Drawing-if applicable)

Students must check-in between 11:00 pm-12:00 pm. No one will be admitted after 12:00 midnight. If a contract was submitted but the student does not check-in, the parent/guardian will be notified.

Transportation to and from Main Event is the responsibility of each student or parent/guardian.

No purses, wristlets, or bags allowed! All you need is your ID! Food, drinks and entertainment is provided free of charge. You may bring your phone, charger, ID and car keys.

Students are expected to stay for the entire duration of the event. Anyone that leaves before 5:00 am forfeits any prizes and parents will be notified. If there is an emergency, students will be released to their parent/guardian or first responders. If released, students will not be allowed to re-enter.

Students who have not submitted their contract electronically by May 10, 2021, at 5:00 pm can still submit a contract through this Google Form but will not be eligible for any cash prize.

All students are required to present a photo I.D. (school or state-issued) for admission to the event. No exceptions. Check-in is from 11:00 pm-12:00 am.

All students will come to the event free of any drugs, alcohol, vape, or tobacco products and will not be admitted if it is suspected that the student has already consumed drugs or alcohol. The use of any of these products during the celebration will result in immediate removal and a phone call will be made to the student’s parent/guardian. Local police officers will be on-site to deal with inappropriate behavior or violations of the law.

At this time we are not considering extending guest invitations to this event as we are still limited to occupancy restrictions. If we are able to change this policy, you will be notified via the email provided below.

Hired entertainment may record, videotape, or photograph participants during their act. Any student who volunteers to participate in a hired performer’s act agrees and consents to be recorded, videotaped, or photographed.

Students will respect the event site and do no malicious damage. I hereby agree to release and hold harmless GHS Project Graduation, Main Event, and GCISD, their affiliates, subsidiaries, volunteers, and agents of Main Event from any and all claims, which may arise from my use or presence on such premises and activities thereon.

Students must wear a face covering at all times; other than eating or drinking. Extra Masks and Hand Sanitizer will be on hand. Information will be provided on COVID-19 Safety protocols prior to the event night. Attached is the link to follow Main Events Safety

Appropriate clothing must be worn. Shirts and shoes are required.

Any necessary prescription drugs will need to be in the original pharmacy container with the student’s name and must be left with the front desk upon check-in. All items will need to be picked up before leaving the event. If it is suspected that any items are not as presented, the student will not be allowed in, and the parent will be contacted. The police officer on duty will also be contacted if any illegal items are suspected.