Flock Someone!

Reserve a date to flock someone!  The recipient will receive a flock of flamingos in their yard courtesy of you & Project Graduation.  The flock will nest in their yard for about 3 days along with a sign.  Your custom note will be included to let them know who sent the flock (unless you want to send it anonymously) and why they are lucky enough to receive the birds.

Who should you flock?  Thank your coach, teacher, friend; Congratulate someone on their promotion, graduation, or other accomplishment; Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or graduation; or just give a big Flock You to someone you want to annoy!

Reserve your date by using the signup genius link below.  You will receive an invoice for $30 via the square along with a form to fill out letting us know who has earned this wonderful flock.

Flock Someone Reservation (October 2017-December 2017)

Flock Someone Reservation (January 2018-April 2018)