GHS Project Graduation for the Senior Class of 2019 is under way and we need you! Please consider donating your time, talents and services to help fund a SAFE after graduation lock-in for our graduating seniors.  Our goal is to provide a COST FREE event which is filled with fun and prizes for ALL graduating seniors. Let us know how you can help and please join us in creating a memorable event that our kids can live to tell about.  It is a big job and GHS has been in the top 3% statewide with over a 90% participation rate for the last 20 years.  Let’s keep it up!

Event Night: Saturday, May 30, 2019 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Project Graduation President: Elecia Morgan – 315-586-2452  or grapevinehsprojectgraduation@gmail.com