Event Contract

Student/Parent Contracts Are Available!

Every student that attends Project Graduation must have a contract on file signed by both the student and the parent.  Yes, we know a lot of our students are 18, however we still require the parent to sign. 

Due to COVID-19 our event has been moved to June 4, with contigency plans being made. However we are able to celebrate our Seniors, please make sure your student has signed their contract so we can be able to celebrate them with special ideas our Board is working on.

Important items to note:

  • If a student turns in a contract but does not check in at the event, we will contact the parents to let them know
  • If a student leaves before the 5 a.m, checkout, we will contact the parents to let them know
  • Students must bring an ID for check in (they CAN log in to skyward on their phones to show their picture & name)
  • Students may NOT bring ANY bags or purses into the event.  They simply need their ID to enter and all food and entertainment is provided
  • All Attendees must wear face mask given to them at the GHS Graduation Ceremony, have their tempertature checked at entry, sign liability waiver & screening questionaire, & maintain 6ft distancing


If you’re interested in volunteering or for more information, please contact grapevinehsprojectgraduation@gmail.com.